Alternative Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy – Agent Orange – Vitamin B12 Supplements

by drscott on July 17, 2010

Could something as simple as a Vitamin B12 Supplement in the form of Methycobalamin create the miracle many stand in line in hope for?

Is there a cure for Autism or the milder variant of Autism disorder, Asperger’s Disorder?

Facts of the Vietnam war tells us many were exposed to Agents Orange, Pink, White and Blue might their lives be changed to hopeful? Can many of the effects of Agent Orange be changed by an alternative treatment for peripheral neuropathy? Is there hope available for MS patients?

I don’t know.

I only KNOW what my husband Dennis is experiencing and the hopeful news I want to share. Perhaps present precedent communications on this issue as a spark that might lead to a bigger light in your life.

My husband Dennis is afflicted with the effects of Agent Orange from Vietnam. He has Peripheral Neuropathy throughout along with a host of other ailments. His granddaughter has been diagnosed with Autism.

Something that is making news about Autism and Peripheral Neuropathy as well as other ailments, is high doses of injectable methylcobalamin, a form of Vitamin B-12.

I recently made contact with a woman who had been exposed to Agent Orange who suggested high doses of injectable methylcobalamin, because it has worked for her. She says it is nothing but a miracle. She started as our tiny angel of light, that is ready to set a beam that takes away all darkness.

I am a skeptic about quick fix healing. You would not believe how many people have had cures and how many roads we have been on that have been disappointing to say the least. So know that I too was a total skeptic.

I decided to purchase methylcobalamin at my local health food store and just try the tabs. Actually they come in the form of lozenges, usually put under the tongue. The reasoning was that if effects were felt at all from the lozenges, high doses of injectable methylcobalamin might just be the answer.

My husband tried 6 lozenges at once under his tongue. He experienced immediate relief. I am not kidding. His legs that had been shaking became significantly calmer. He took lozenges throughout the week and then decided to see what a day without them might be, to see if it was really true or coincidence. His legs began to shake and that old, well known discomfort returned. The following day it was back to the health food store for more methylcobalamin.

Now, the search is on for a doctor who will write a script and assist in administering high doses of injectable methylcobalamin without breaking our non existing bank.

Once an educator of gang zone kids, the kind you see in the movies, my husband Dennis had to quit his beloved teaching career. It is this countries loss indeed. While serving his country in Vietnam he saw the children there and what war does to the children. He wanted to make a difference in this world and decided it had to begin with the children, thus went into teaching. To give that up was a huge heartache and remains so.

To have this HOPE of something that might make a huge difference to him is remarkable.

In my research of all of these things I came across abstracts about the connections between Agent Orange, Peripheral Neuropathy and following generations having Autism. As I mentioned above Autism has afflicted Dennis’ granddaughter. Might high doses of injectable methylcobalamin be the answer for her as well? Research is being done.

Wouldn’t it be so so amazing? Something as simple as a form of Vitamin B12 could send us and others a miracle?

This could be HUGE.

I am sure pharmaceutical companies would not support this and thusly the FDA would not, just not enough money in it for them. This is pure opinion, yet a confirmed one by many.

Let me say that we are still testing, I do not know for sure of the full benefits.. I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV. When we do find a doctor who will help and it does prove to be successful, I will indeed write another article. No.. what am I saying? I will write tons of them and I will sing it from the rooftops!

Some abstracts about this subject I found are:

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Effect of Large Dose Methylcobalamin on Diabetic Peripheral NeuropathyLarge Dose Effect of Methylcobalamin on Diabet ic Peripheral Neuropathy, by:

WANG Yonghong(Hospital of Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan 430070,China)WANG Yonghong (Hospital of Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China)

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and lastly:

The Morphometric changes of Rat Peripheral nerve after Methyl-cobalamin Treatment in Capsaicin Induced Neuropathy. by: Lee SS. Department of neurology, College of medicine, Chungbuk National University.

Stay well.

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